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November Performance: + 16% 

(update Nov 29th 2023)

Last 30day Performance: + 20% 

(update Nov 29th 2023)

🔍 Cathy Wood and Mark Minervni  

Combining the BEST of both WORLD's

Ever wondered what happens when you marry the visionary investment approach of Cathie Wood with the precision of Mark Minervini's swing-trading techniques? Look no further. We've crafted a strategy that brings together the best of both worlds, ensuring you're not only prepared for the future but also poised to capitalize on the present.

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Our trading strategy for swing trading is based on proven insights, which were developed by stock market legends like Jesse Livermore, William O'Neil and Mark Minervini (2x US investment champion!).

Our service package includes:

  • Daily market analyses, regular market and risk analyses
  • Live trading sessions and real-time trading signals for Stocks and ETF's (all markets)
  • Trading-strategy and stock market coaching

Algorithmic (Robo-) Trading

With algorithmic-trading, you can say goodbye to the emotional turbulence of trading and rely on a highly advanced data-driven system for your trading. 

Our algorithms use advanced analytical methods and artificial intelligence to execute trades based on market data. Our services include access to success-proven, automated trading systems. 

Our experts develop algorithmic trading systems based on your individual requirements. 

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Success-Proven Minervini Pullback Strategy USD 69.-