Success Proven and Timeless 

Trading Strategies

The key to make big money in trading is to combine technical chart setups 
with strong fundamentals in an overall healthy market

Swing Trading

Stock prices move because of supply and demand structures in the largest auction place in the world. In order to succeed in stock trading, traders need to understand how supply and demand come to market. It is as simple as that. Our swing trading strategies are based on the deep market insights and timeless principles which have been developed by Wall-Street Veterans like Jesse Livermore, William O‘ Neil and Mark Minervini. 

ETF - Trading Strategy

JS-TechTrading Strategies for ETF's have a long history of recognizing shifts in market direction early on to help investors maximize gains in uptrends and protect their portfolios in downtrends. Our strategy is a simple method for trading ETF's based on the technical chart patterns of the major US-indices combined with a selected number of psychological market indicators.

Technical Chart Traders vs Fundamentalists

Technical traders analyze price charts to understand supply and demand structures in an attempt to predict price movement. Fundamentalists look at any (financial) data which are expected to impact the price or perceived value of a stock. JS-TechTrading strategies cover both technical chart analysis and fundamentals, and we further combine that with psychological market indicators. 

Psychological Market Indicators 

Greed, fear, indecisiveness, and regret are prevailing themes amongst many traders. This results in inefficiencies in the stock market and provides an additional advantage for professionals. Our psychological indicators give you a more complete analysis on the strength of the market, especially at short- and long-term tops and bottoms.