Individual Consulting Services

for Part-Time Traders and Professionals 

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USD 35.- / month



  • Daily Market Analysis
  • Regular Updates and information with regards to our proprietory risk model for the US market


ETF-Trading (longer term strategy)

  • Individual advice and development of ETF-portfolios     
  • Real time trading signals
  • Analysis of market sentiment and real-time advice for exposure levels


Swing-Trading (US equities) 

  • We pick the stocks in buyable positions and provide daily watchlist-updates. We have decades of experience picking winning stocks. All stocks on our watchlists meet the hard selection criteria according to Mark Minervini's Trend-Template and William O' Neil's CAN SLIM methodology. Unlike many other swing-trading services, we use both technical and fundamental analysis to find TOP-stocks and the winners of tomorrow.

  • We plan the swing-trades for you. It's not enough to pick the right stocks. Timing is crucial which applies for the perfect buy point as well as for profitable exits. We provide a detailed analysis and comprehensive background information for every trade. Our target is to teach you the winning trading system of stock market champions.

  • We give you instant alerts and real-time trading signals. When a stock hits a buy- or sell-point, you receive immediate alerts on your desktop, tablet and/or phone.

  • You trade completely independent and keep all the profits. Follow our success-proven trading plan and start locking in sustainable profits. Compound your gains by re-investing your profits in the next trade and start making serious profits and build a second income.

  • General Market analysis: General Market Updates are provide on a daily basis and current market sentiment is explained in detail. Our proprietary Risk-Model is updated regularly and used to determine optimum exposure levels. Learn how to differentiate a good form a bad market environment. 

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