Investment Strategy

Our JS-TechTrading Strategy covers the investment in ETF's in combination with swing trading 
of US stocks. The strategy is based on three key pillars:

1. Investing in ETF's according to William o' Neil's approach
2. Stock selection following William o' Neil's CAN SLIM ® methodology

3. Entering Trades according to Mark Minervini's SEPA ® analysis

After a bear market or significant market correction, we are increasing exposure gradually to 100% in case the market health is turning to positive. The key determining factor is a 'Follow-Through' day of the most relevant market indicators, combined with a number of psychological market indicators.
Exposure is initially increased by the investment in ETF's representing the most relevant market indices (SP500, Russel, NASDAQ). In case the  performance of these ETF's confirm market health, swing trading of US stocks is being considered. 
The 'forced-displacement' strategy is applied in case the US stocks start and continue to outperform the market ETF's.