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Our service package Swing-Trading (US Stocks) and ETF's (all markets) includes:

  • Daily market analyses, regular market and risk analyses
  • Live trading sessions and real-time trading signals for US-Stocks and ETF's (all markets)
  • Trading-Strategy and stock market coaching

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  • Daily market analysis
  • Regular information and updates on the JS-TechTrading risk model
  • Live trading sessions
  • Trading-strategy and stock market coaching 

ETF Investment Strategy

a) Individual advice portfolio recommendations for ETF's
b) Real-time trading signals
c) Exposure level recommendations

Swing-Trading (US-Stocks)

  • We select top US-stocks and provide regular watchlist updates. With decades of experience in selecting top stocks, all stocks on our watchlists meet the strict selection criteria according to Mark Minervini's trend template and William O'Neil's CAN-SLIM methodology. Unlike many other swing trading services, we use both technical and fundamental analysis to find top stocks and tomorrow's winners.

  • We plan the swing trades, providing detailed analysis and comprehensive background information for each trade. Our goal is to teach our customers how to independently apply our proven investment strategy.

  • We provide real-time trading signals. When a stock reaches a perfect entry point, you receive instant notifications on your desktop, tablet, and/or phone.

  • You trade completely independently and keep all profits. Follow our proven swing trading strategies and secure sustainable profits. Build a second income from sustainable profits.

  • General market analysis: Daily general market updates are provided, analyzing and explaining the current market sentiment in detail. Our JS-TechTrading risk model is regularly updated and used to determine optimal exposure levels.