with Trend-Template Qualifier


Introducing the ultimate trend-following (long-only) strategy that offers a unique feature you won't find anywhere else! 

  • Our script/strategy utilizes Mark Minervini's Trend-Template as a qualifier for identifying stocks and other financial securities in confirmed uptrends. Mark Minervini, a 3x US Investment Champion, developed the Trend-Template, which covers eight different and independent characteristics that can be adjusted and optimized in this trend-following strategy to ensure the best results. The strategy will only trigger buy-signals in case the optimized qualifiers are being met. 


  • But that's not all! Our strategy is based on supply/demand balance in the market, making it timeless and effective across all timeframes. Whether you're day trading using 1- or 5-min charts or swing-trading using daily charts, this strategy can be applied and works very well. 


  • We also incorporate technical indicators such as RSI and MACD to identify low-risk pullback entries in the context of confirmed uptrends. By doing so, the risk profile of this strategy and drawdowns are being reduced to an absolute minimum, giving you peace of mind while trading. 


Don't settle for mediocre trading strategies, choose the best with our trend-following strategy that offers unique features you won't find anywhere else. Start trading smarter today and see the results for yourself! 

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The backtesting (daily charts) was carried out from Jan 2000 to the end of Feb 2023. US stocks were selected that meet all the above requirements for Minervini's trend template. (RSI oversold settings = 40%, MACD settings 12/26/9).

Settings for backtesting are:
- Period from Jan 2000 until now
- Starting capital 100k USD
- Position size = 100% of equity

Profit/loss ratios (hit rates) up to > 50% are achieved and profit factors close to 3!

Average gain is 20%, average loss is 8%