Our 2023/2024 Masterclass Program will cover the following chapters:

1. Introduction to Mark Minervini's Trading Strategy


  • Background of Mark Minervini, his achievements, and contributions to stock trading.
  • Overview of the Specific Entry Point Analysis (SEPA®) and its significance in his methodology.
  • Disclaimer and emphasis on the educational purpose of the workshop.

2. Specific Entry Point Analysis (SEPA®)


  • Detailed explanation of SEPA®, its principles, and objectives.
  • How SEPA® differentiates from other trading strategies.
  • Case studies or examples where SEPA® has been successfully applied.

3. The Five Key Areas of Focus


  • Detailed analysis of each key area: Categories and Catalysts, Study of Price & Volume, Company Fundamentals, Entry Points, and Exit Points.
  • The importance of each area in the context of Minervini's trading strategy.
  • Practical applications and examples.

4. Company Categories


  • Explanation of different company categories like Market Leaders, Top Competitors, etc.
  • How to identify and categorize companies based on these criteria.
  • The strategic significance of each category in trading decisions.

5. The “95% Club” – Characteristics of Winning Stocks


  • Analysis of the common characteristics of the most successful stocks.
  • How these characteristics align with Minervini's strategies.
  • Real-world examples of stocks meeting these criteria.

6. Market Evolution and Disruptive Technologies


  • Exploration of market evolution through technological breakthroughs and industry changes.
  • Case studies of disruptive technologies impacting stock performance.
  • How to spot and evaluate potential disruptive companies.

7. Best and Worst Stock Candidates


  • Criteria for identifying the best and worst stock candidates.
  • How these criteria reflect in market performance.
  • Strategies for avoiding poor candidates and selecting potential winners.

8. Trend Template to Confirm STAGE 2 Uptrend


  • Step-by-step breakdown of the Trend Template for Stage 2 Uptrend.
  • Importance of each criterion in the template.
  • Application of the template in real trading scenarios.

9. Conclusion and Key Takeaways


  • Summary of Minervini's trading philosophy and strategies.
  • Key takeaways from the workshop for practical application.
  • Reminder of the importance of research, risk assessment, and personal responsibility in trading. 


Chapter 1: Introduction to Mark Minervini's Trading Strategy


Unveiling the Mastery: An Introduction to Mark Minervini's Trading Strategy


In the realm of stock trading, few names resonate with the prowess and success akin to Mark Minervini. His methodologies, crystallized through years of experience and success in the stock market, have been a beacon for traders worldwide. This article delves into the foundational aspects of Minervini's trading philosophy, focusing on his Specific Entry Point Analysis (SEPA®) and setting the stage for understanding the complex yet rewarding world of stock trading.

Background of Mark Minervini

Mark Minervini, a renowned stock trader, has carved a niche in the financial world with his exceptional trading skills and educational initiatives. His journey, characterized by meticulous analysis and strategic foresight, has made him a figure of inspiration for aspiring traders. Minervini's approach is not just about picking stocks; it's about understanding the market's rhythms and leveraging them to one's advantage.

The Genesis of SEPA®

The Specific Entry Point Analysis (SEPA®) stands at the core of Minervini's strategy. This innovative approach is a confluence of technical analysis, a keen understanding of market psychology, and a disciplined approach to risk management. SEPA® is predicated on identifying stocks that not only exhibit potential for growth but also present an opportune entry point, thereby maximizing the probability of a profitable trade.

SEPA®: A Differentiator in Trading

What sets SEPA® apart is its holistic approach. It's not solely about chart patterns or financial metrics; it's an amalgamation of various factors that influence a stock's trajectory. This includes understanding market leaders, the significance of trading volumes, company fundamentals, and the art of timing one's entry and exit. SEPA® is a testament to Minervini's belief that successful trading is an art form, requiring both science and intuition.

The Educational Purpose of Minervini’s Workshops

Mark Minervini's workshops, like the Master Trader Program, are more than just training sessions; they are incubators for trading talent. These workshops are designed to imbue participants with not just the knowledge of SEPA® but also the mindset required to navigate the often tumultuous waters of the stock market. It's important to note that these workshops are strictly educational and do not constitute financial advice or endorsement of specific stocks.

The Importance of Personal Research

While Minervini's strategies provide a robust framework, successful trading also demands personal diligence and research. Each investor's goals, financial circumstances, and risk tolerances are unique, making it imperative to tailor Minervini's teachings to one's personal trading style. The emphasis is always on informed decision-making, backed by rigorous analysis and a clear understanding of market dynamics.


As we embark on a deeper exploration of Mark Minervini's trading strategies in subsequent chapters, it's crucial to appreciate the foundation laid by his philosophy. The blend of technical acumen, market insight, and disciplined risk management that SEPA® represents, is a powerful toolkit for any trader. However, the application of these principles requires not just understanding but also adaptation to one's personal trading context.


This article, akin to Minervini's workshops, is for educational purposes only. The information provided should be used as a guide for further research and learning, not as direct financial advice. As always, investors are encouraged to consult with financial professionals before making any trading decisions.